Hire A Plumber To Install A Shower In Your Garage

If you'd like a shower in your garage so you could wash off after working outside and before you go in your clean house, talk to a plumber about how they can make it happen. The shower has to be built according to certain local codes, so the options depend on how your garage is set up and where the floor drain is located. You could always enclose your shower and install new drains, but your plumber will decide the best thing to do keeping your budget in mind. Here are some tips.

Hook Into Existing Water Lines If Possible

If you have a washer or sink in the garage, you may be able to hook right into existing water lines and save money on putting in new runs of piping. If you do this, it might control where you have to put the shower, and the shower needs to be away from electrical outlets.

Even if you build an enclosed shower some distance away from the existing water lines, or even if you have to install new lines that connect to another room, it's easier to do using PEX tubes since these are flexible and easy to run through walls without having to tear walls completely open. However, your plumber can also use copper pipes if you prefer. You'll need to have both hot and cold water lines run to the garage if they're not already there, unless you plan to take cold showers.

Decide How To Hook Up The Drain

Your plumber might add an elevated shower so the drain can run under the shower pan instead of having to bust up concrete to install a drain. The drain can then hook into an existing drain and empty with gravity alone. If you have hot and cold water and a drainage system, you can have a shower that doesn't take up very much room in your garage, and you can still use it for quick showers when you're dirty from mowing, gardening, or working out.

Make Sure A Shower Is All You Need

Once you start planning a new shower with the help of a plumber, you might decide you want more since the water lines and drain will be functional. You might want a sink for handwashing and even a toilet. An extra toilet would be handy if your home only has one bathroom. If you want a sink, toilet, and shower, you might as well have a bathroom added. It will cost more, but you'll have an extra bathroom when you need it. Of course, you'll need to make sure an extra bathroom will fit conveniently in your garage, and that might mean you'll need to relocate your clutter and storage items.

For more information, reach out to local plumbers.

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