Winner Best Documentary, Irish Film & Television Awards 2011

Voices from the Grave tells the story of the Northern Ireland Troubles through the unflinching testimony of two men who were on opposite sides of that bloody conflict, the IRA’s Brendan Hughes and the UVF’s David Ervine. Nearly ten years ago they talked to researchers from Boston College with the understanding that the interviews would be not be made public unless the interviewees either gave permission or died. Hughes and Ervine are both dead and this documentary tells the story of their wars in their own voices.

The stories of  Brendan Hughes and David Ervine span the Northern Ireland Troubles. They talk about their motivations for joining the conflict, the daily planning of campaigns of violence, the close calls with death, the guilt and regret that come from violence and killing, the despair of hunger strikes, and the deadly hunt for spies and informers. It is also a story of betrayal and duplicity and the fate of combatants once their wars are over.

Voices from the Grave was made with the support of the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland and Radio Telefis Eireann.