This documentary was directed by Kate O’Callaghan and Patrick Farrelly, two New York-based documentary filmmakers who worked extensively with Michael Moore in 1990s and whose award-winning work has appeared on HBO, PBS, BBC, Channel 4, RTE and the Guardian newspaper web site.  

It was produced and written by Farrelly and Ed Moloney, who wrote the book ‘Voices from the Grave’ based on the taped testimonies of Hughes and Ervine. A former Irish Journalist of the Year and Northern Editor of the Irish Times, Moloney is the author of ‘A Secret History of the IRA’ and ‘Paisley - From Demagogue to Democrat?’

The documentary’s Director of Photography Kate McCullough won the ‘World Cinema Cinematography Award in Documentary’ at the 2010 Sundance Film Festival 2010 for her work on her debut feature documentary ‘His & Hers’. She was presented with the ‘Michael Dwyer Discovery Award’ at the 2010 Jameson Dublin International Film Festival.

Editor Jordan Montminy won an Emmy Award for his work on PBS. He recently edited the Peabody Award winning "The Madoff Affair" for PBS Frontline. His work has appeared on ABC, Discovery, PBS, National Geographic, MTV, Current TV and the Guardian website.