Common Plumbing Problems That Might Require Your Hire A Plumber

If the plumbing in your home is not working correctly, calling a plumber to help you deal with it is an excellent way to fix the problem and get the system working again. Plumbing problems can range from drain issues to leaks, but to fix them correctly, you need to know what you are doing and have the right tools for the job.

Slow Drains

One of the most common reasons people call plumbing services for their homes is slow drains or drains that are not emptying at all. The cause is almost always related to a drain that has not been cleaned out and that has hair or other material in the drain that has accumulated and formed a blockage in the pipe. 

The plumbing contractors that arrive at your home to fix a slow drain are likely to run an auger down the pipe to try and break up and blockage first, and if that is not doing the job, they may use high-pressure water to try and blow the material out of the pipe and down the drain.

If they can not clear the drain with water-pressure, the plumbing contractors may need to take a section of pipe apart to manually clear it. In most cases, they will run a camera down the drain first to see if they can get a better look at what is in the pipe and why it is not breaking up.

Leaking Pipes

Leaking pipes are another common cause for people to call in plumbing services. Water leaking from a drain or supply pipe can damage wood and other materials near it if it goes un-repaired for an extended period of time. This is especially true if the water is standing or puddling in one spot, and the leak is significant enough the keep the area from drying out. 

Most of the time, the pipes leak at a joint where they join other pipes or fitting of some type, but a pipe that freezes or has a lot of force put on it can burst and cause a significant leak as well. If you have a pipe leaking in your home, shut down the water valve feeding the pipe or shut done the main water supply to the house until the plumbing services can get to your home and determine how to repair the pipe. 

If you do not know where to shut the water off, your local utility provider may be able to tell you how to find the main shutoff. Often the valve is in the basement of your home or is a small concrete vault near the sidewalk at the edge of the lawn. 

If you're having issues with your drains or pipes, contact to a plumbing service in your area for help.

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