5 Less Obvious Signs That You Need a New Water Line

Many people believe that if there is no standing water in the yard or major raise in the water bill, then the water line must be in good condition. Not all water line issues that necessitate a replacement are accompanied by vast amounts of leaking water, though. It's important to also know the less obvious signs that you need a new water line.

1. The Water Is Brown

If your water suddenly begins coming out of the tap discolored, then there could be a crack in the water main that is allowing soil to seep in. Discoloration can also come from the water line itself, particularly if you have older metal or iron lines that are beginning to rust and corrode. Always have a plumber determine the source of any unexplained discoloration in the water.

2. There's Grit in the Fresh Water

The same debris that discolors water can also lead to grit in the water. Grit may be accompanied by discoloration if it is from soil or rust. In some cases, the grit is from sandy minerals, so the water may not look discolored although it can look a bit cloudy until the grit settles out in a glass. Much like discoloration, a plumber needs to find the source of the grit since it could mean that there is damage to the water line.

3. Moss Is Overtaking Your Lawn

A slow leak may not cause ponding in the lawn, and it may not be enough to register a major water bill increase. Yet, it could be enough to affect the health of the lawn. Overly damp soil can cause your grass to die out and lawn mosses to move in. If an area of the lawn over the water line is becoming mossier than usual, it's a good idea to have the line checked for leaks.

4. Water Pressure Is Low

Water pressure can drop when a water line is failing or developing a leak. Sometimes the flow rate loss is not enough to register when you turn on the tap, but it may affect some appliances. For example, sprinkler heads may not pop up or sink sprayers may fail to switch on when water main damage has decreased pressure and flow rate.

5. Sediment Is Affecting Fixtures

Sediment in the water line may get filtered out by water heaters and tap aeration screens before it reaches you. In this case, the sign that you need a new water line may be a water heater that required more frequent flushing or taps that keep getting clogged.

Contact a water line installation service if you run into any of these issues. 

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