Restoring Your Drainfield After a Failure

The drainfield of your septic system is the critical component that is responsible for allowing the processed water from the septic tank to be disposed of. Unfortunately, the drainfield can suffer major problems over time that may require a full restoration in order to get the septic system working again.


A clog is a very common problem for a drainfield system to experience. When clogs are able to form in the system, they have the potential to completely stop the flow of water through the system. This can lead to the septic tank becoming backed up, as well as the flow of drain water through your yard becoming imbalanced. Depending on the location of the clog and the damage that it has caused, you may have to replace large sections of the drainfield to restore the flow of water through it.

Sinking Tubes

If the soil in your yard is unstable, you will probably have to worry about the higher risk of the tubes and pipes in the drainfield becoming unstable and starting to sink into the soil. This problem can lead to these pipes rupturing due to the strain that is put on them. Unfortunately, there may not be a way of restoring stability to the drainfield without moving it to another area of your property.

Root Intrusions

Tree roots that grow in the drainfield piping can be another issue that has the potential of causing widespread problems for your septic system. In addition to creating openings in the drainfield piping, this could also lead to a complete clog forming in the piping. To repair this problem, the root will have to be removed and the damaged section of the drainfield will need to be replaced. To avoid this in the future, a root guard should be installed as it will be able to prevent the roots from penetrating into the piping.

Ruptures In The Pipes

A rupture in your drainfield pipes can have devastating effects on your landscaping. When these ruptures occur, they have the potential to cause extensive flooding and erosion to your yard. Repairing this damage will first require the ruptures in the pipes to be identified. This can be a challenge, but a professional drainfield restoration service will be able to help identify the source of the rupture so that the repairs to the drainfield can be more targeted. In addition to reducing the excavation, it will also help to keep the total repair costs as low as possible.

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