4 Major Reasons Why Faucet Repair Should Be A Priority

Most people underestimate the importance of the faucet in their homes. Other than delivering the water from the plumbing system, a functional faucet can reduce your utility bills and boost your comfort in the kitchen. These useful pieces of kitchen equipment require regular maintenance and care so that they can serve your needs for many years. It's always best to catch any issues early on before they become worse and schedule a faucet repair.

Here are the four major reasons why faucet repair should be a priority.

Change in Water Pressure

When your faucet is leaking, one way to spot the problem is by noticing a change in water pressure. Such a sign can indicate there's a problem with underground pipes, such as broken joints where two lengths meet. The fittings are vulnerable to damage especially when someone accidentally hits them when cleaning behind the dishwasher. Also, over time, these fittings can become loose and cause changes in the water pressure.

Water Leaking From the Base

Water leaking from the faucet base or sprout can signal a serious plumbing problem such as low pressure and clogged pipes. It's essential to have them fixed since delaying can lead to costly repair and replacements. Also, a leak can indicate underground water contamination especially if there are cracks near the basement floor and soil seeps through. A leaking faucet can cause flooding and property damage. It's vital to call out professional plumbers right away if this happens.

Foam Coming Out of the Faucet or Slow-Running Water

Ordinarily, water coming out of the faucet should be clear and run quietly. If accompanied by bubbles, clumps, and foam, it can mean there's a problem with the piping that needs urgent attention. Foam can indicate a calcium build or contamination, and thus, you can call a plumber quickly to fix the problem before it gives rise to bigger issues.

The Handle Not Working Properly

The handle is a vital aspect of the faucet. It enables a user to regulate the water temperature and pressure. A faulty handle is a sign there's something wrong with the plumbing system. Also, a faucet dripping water after being turned off or not turning at all requires urgent attention. A professional plumber can inspect by unscrewing the values and checking if there's a problem.

A functional faucet supports the proper working of your sink and the plumbing system. A running faucet ensures the water is flowing, and a faulty one can damage your floor. Even worse, a lot of water can go to waste, and this escalates your utility bills. Consider faucet repair when you notice the above signs.

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