Handling The Problems Your Septic Tank Can Encounter

If your home utilizes a septic tank system, there are many issues that will eventually need to be addressed to keep this system working effectively. For a new homeowner, it can be easy to overlook some of the more important repairs and types of work that the septic tank will require.

Finding And Repairing Leaks In The Septic Tank Itself

Leaks can be a serious problem for your septic tanks system. If leaks are allowed to develop, it can lead to unsanitary water leaking out into the soil. This could make the yard smell foul, contribute to erosion and potentially lead to hazardous puddles. Repairing a leaking septic tank can be a challenge due to it being buried deep in the ground. A professional septic tank service will have moisture sensing devices that can be used to narrow down the side where the leak is occurring. This tool can substantially limit the amount of excavation work that has to be done to find and repair the leak in the tank. In many cases, these leaks can be the result of a crack forming in the exterior of the septic tank's walls. If this is the source of your leak, applying a specially designed patch can be necessary to close the opening and stop the water from seeping out through it.

Stabilizing A Sinking Septic Tank

For properties that have loose or unstable soil, the weight of the septic tank could lead to it actually starting to sink into the soil. As this problem worsens, the tank will eventually sink low enough to cause it to detach from the pipes leading from the home or to the drain field. Fortunately, it can be possible to stabilize a tank that is experiencing this problem by placing supports under the tank that will spread its weight out over a much larger area. This can be used to compensate for the loose soil, but it can require substantial excavation in order to make room for these supports.

Eliminating Clogs From The Septic Tank's Piping

A clog inside the septic tank is a problem that most systems will eventually experience. When a clog forms in the septic tank, it can cause problems for all of the drains in the home as the water will either be unable to effectively get to the septic tank or it may not be able to drain out of the tank. Removing these clogs may be done with specialized camera systems that will allow the technician to find and remove these clogs without needing to excavate. In addition to sparing your property, these systems can also allow these clogs to be fixed a matter of minutes once they are found. 

Keep these tips in mind when looking for septic tank services near you.

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