Water Heater Components That Can Leak And What You Can Do About Them

A water heater may function great in the beginning, but after some wear and tear, leaks can develop. You can't leave them be because that will alter the performance of this system and cause water damage. Here are some components that can leak and advice for what you can do to fix them.

Drain Valve

The drain valve is an important component of any water heater that lets you drain water completely from the tank. You probably will have to do this a couple of times, especially if there is sediment inside your heater. 

Sometimes even when you close this valve, water can still leak out. That's not something you can ignore; rather, it's a sign you need to inspect the valve carefully. Make sure it's completely sealed shut. If you still get leaking, there could be internal damage and that usually means you'll have to find a drain valve replacement.


Older water heaters may have tanks that start to leak. It usually happens around the bottom because of natural wear and tear. When the tank itself is leaking, there really isn't an effective repair that can restore the tank's structure. You should find a replacement tank so that you can keep water from coming out.

You can hire a professional company to have the old tank removed and a new tank set up perfectly, saving you a lot of potential issues. As long as you invest in a high-quality replacement tank, you shouldn't have to worry about leaking for a while.

Pressure Relief Valve

A pressure relief valve is a component designed to relieve pressure when a water heater experiences too much of it. Sometimes, this component can become faulty and that's more than likely going to result in water leaking out. 

You should have this component inspected by a professional repair contractor to see if the relief valve can be restored with a repair. Some valves can be restored if they're not too badly damaged and you caught the problem quickly. Whereas if the valve was left in a damaged state for a while or is just older, you may need to find a replacement that's in better condition. 

A water heater may eventually leak out some water. If you know where this can happen and take the right repair steps, you're going to keep major water issues from happening. You can get your water heater restored and then continue using it without worry. 

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