3 Steps You Should Be Taking to Maintain Your Air Conditioner in Between Service Calls

Just about any professional contractor will tell you that having your air conditioner professionally inspected, cleaned, and serviced each year is an essential part of keeping your home's cooling system running smoothly for many years to come. While this is sound advice, it is also important to note that this system will require additional maintenance in between service calls. The good news is, this ongoing maintenance can be completed without the need to commit large amounts of your time or money. This maintenance can typically be completed in three easy steps that combined should not require more than a few minutes and a few dollars every month or two.

Continue reading to learn more about this easy three-step process to proper air conditioning maintenance. 

Step 1: Visually Inspect The System

Several common air conditioning issues can be detected with just a quick visual inspection of the unit. When completing this inspection you will want to check for any signs of rust or corrosion. You will also want to check for any moisture or condensation on the outside of the unit or at the base of the unit. Finally, you will want to look for any signs of damage to the electrical cord or other wiring. If you spot any of these issues you will want to immediately contact a professional contractor to come out and do a more thorough inspection and make any necessary repairs.

Step 2: Clean or Replace Filters

One of the most important functions that air conditioning maintenance serves is to make sure that air is able to easily flow through your system. Changing or cleaning your air filter is an essential part of accomplishing this goal since a clogged filter can easily restrict the amount of air that is allowed to flow through your cooling system.

If you are not quite sure whether or not it is time to change your air filter, simply remove the filter and hold it approximately one arm's length in front of you. If you are able to see through the filter easily, it is safe to put the filter back into the unit and check it again in another month or so. However, if you find that you are not able to easily see through the filter, it is best to either replace it or clean it if you have invested in a reusable filter. 

Step 3: Clean Condenser

Dirt and debris can also be introduced into your home's cooling system through the outdoor condenser unit. Consequently, you will also need to clean this aspect of your system as part of your air conditioning maintenance routine. In order to complete this step begin by manually pulling or trimming any weeds or grass that have become overgrown. Your will want to avoid using lawn equipment to complete this task so that you do not accidentally damage the unit. Once the area around the unit is clear, use a garden hose or a bucket of water to simply rinse any loose debris that has gathered. There is no need to use any cleaning solutions or high pressure water sources when completing this step. 

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