Why You Should Hire A Professional For Drain Cleaning Services

Clogged drains are a common issue in both homes and commercial properties. But before you pick that drain cleaner to clear your sink, toilet clog, or shower, you should know there are multiple benefits of hiring an expert plumber for the job. 

When you hire professionals, you're not just getting their services. You also get access to their drain-safe tools and professional drain maintenance tips. Keep reading to learn other reasons for hiring professional drain cleaning services. 

Professionals End Constant Clogs

Nothing can be more frustrating for a homeowner than a home that experiences constant drain clogs. Unfortunately, that can happen if you're using quick fixes, like store-bought drain cleaners, instead of solving the root source of the problem. 

Expert drain cleaners have the skills and experience to clear the clog fully. They will carefully assess your drain to determine where the clog is located and then use their specialized tools to eliminate it. In the end, you can have peace of mind knowing you won't be dealing with clogs anytime soon.

Professionals Have a Wide Range of Clog-Clearing Tools

While you might have a wrench and a small plunger in your home, these aren't enough to eliminate stubborn clogs. You could even cause damage to your pipes while forcing your small plunger to clear a clog.

Professional drain cleaners have a wide variety of tools that include different-sized plungers, sink augers, snake tools, endoscopic cameras, and water jets. It doesn't matter how big the clog is or where it's located, they can utilize these tools to remove it. 

DIY Methods Are Ineffective

You may be used to handling most of your household maintenance needs, so you don't see the harm of attempting DIY drain cleaning. But since you don't have all the tools, your next option may be to use store-bought drain cleaning products. 

While store-bought chemicals can eliminate minor clogs, they can also corrode your pipes. If you're using them continuously, you may have to replace your plumbing system before its replacement time is due. Some of these chemical cleaners can also cause severe burns and irritations, so they aren't safe to use, especially in a household that has children or pets. 

Clogged Drains Could be a Sign of Other Deeper Problems

A clogged sink or toilet could be a sign of a deeper problem, like a blocked sewer line. This is especially if multiple drains have clogged simultaneously. 

A blocked sewer line is a serious issue that can cause a sewer backup if ignored. Even clearing your pipes may not help, as sewer line clogs are often located deep in the system. The best option is to turn off the water supply into your home and seek emergency drain cleaning services. 

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