Improving The Drainage For Your Home's Foundation

Poor drainage is a problem that many properties will experience. While this is a common issue that many homeowners will benefit from addressing, you might not appreciate the problems that poor drainage can cause or what to expect from mitigating this problem for your property.

Ineffective Drainage Can Cause Substantial Property Damage

Ineffective drainage can be one of the leading factors that may cause damage to the foundation of your home. When the runoff is unable to drain, it can start to seep into the concrete that makes up the foundation of the home. This can have the result in weakening the concrete over the course of time. Additionally, poor drainage can actually wash away the soil that is under the foundation. If this occurs, it can cause the weight of the home to be distributed unevenly on the foundation, and this can increase the chances of substantial cracking or other damages occurring.

A Professional Foundation Drain Design Service Can Make Overseeing This Upgrade Simple

In order to effectively address the drainage problem for your home's foundation, it will be necessary to create a design that is able to effectively anticipate the paths that the water will take so that it can be effectively directed towards areas where it will be unable to damage the foundation. Foundation drain design contractors will be able to perform a comprehensive assessment of the terrain around the home. In addition to reviewing the elevation, this will also involve conducting soil testing. This information will allow for an effective drainage system to be created that will be able to handle the water that will tend to pool around your home. While this can be a slightly disruptive upgrade that may require some excavation work around your home, it can be the only option for addressing the drainage problems that are posing a threat to your home's foundation.

The Drainage System May Need To Be Periodically Cleaned To Keep It Clear

After investing in upgrading the drainage for your home's foundation, you will need to make sure that this new system is effectively maintained. Over the years, it can be possible for algae, moss and sediments to start to gather in these drains. To keep the runoff flowing through them, the interior of these drains may benefit from being cleaned with a water jet. This jet will be able to break up and flush out these substances in a matter of minutes without the need for harsh or damaging chemicals.

For more information on foundation drain design, contact a professional near you.

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