How To Choose The Perfect Walk-In Bathtub

Choosing a walk-in bathtub isn't exactly the same as choosing a regular tub. These tubs work differently and cater to different needs. While buying the right size of tub for your bathroom space is obviously important, this isn't the only thing to think about when you start to shortlist products. You should also look for features and benefits that help you make the most of your new tub.

Which features are most useful here?

Faster Filling And Draining

Walk-in bathtubs are shaped and sized differently from regular tubs. They are higher and squatter so that you can sit in the tub rather than lie in it.

These tubs can take longer to fill than a smaller regular tub. They often have larger water capacities. So, water also sometimes takes longer to drain out when you're done with your bath. Problem is, you have to sit in the tub until it fills and you can't get out until it empties.

To make life easier, look for tubs with fast-flow faucets. These faucets let out more water than regular models, so your tub will fill a lot faster. Plus, if you buy a tub with a fast-drain system, then the tub empties a lot faster too. These tubs often have bigger pipes so that more water can drain away more quickly.

Strong Door Seals

It's really important to choose a walk-in bathtub with a high-quality door system. This door has to make your tub watertight when it is full of water. So, look for good quality seals and a tight fit.

Don't buy a tub that doesn't have a warranty that covers the door's seals. These seals won't last forever. If you have a warranty, and the seals fail while it is valid, then the manufacturer will replace them for you at no cost.

Non-Slip Features

Walk-in bathtubs are a useful alternative to regular tubs. If you have problems lying down in a tub or getting in and out of one, then you'll find a walk-in unit easier to use. You walk in, sit down, fill the tub and enjoy a soak.

While you might feel more secure using a walk-in tub, it's still important to keep yourself safe while you use it. So, look for tubs with non-slip features such as grooved or ridged flooring. Grab handles near the seat and door also help you stay steady on your feet.  

For more advice on walk-in bathtubs, contact local plumber services. They can recommend models that they know work well. They can also make sure that your pipework suits the unit you buy before they install the tub for you.

For more information, contact a plumber near you.

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