Plumbing Mistakes That Could Prove To Be Costly

Protecting your plumbing system from some common sources of damage and other problems can help to lower the risks of your home eventually experiencing major issues that could carry out expensive repairs. While the basics of home plumbing care are somewhat straightforward, there are still many mistakes that homeowners will often find themselves making that could increase their chances of a plumbing failure and potentially complicate the repair process.

Not Testing The Plumbing's Primary Valve And Any Other Emergency Shutoff Valves

Every home plumbing system will have a variety of valves that can be used to turn off the flow of water to specific areas of the home or even the entire house itself. When there are major leaks, pipe ruptures or other issues that are causing large amounts of water to spill into the home, finding and turning these valves off can significantly reduce the water damage that occurs to the interior of the home. Unfortunately, many homeowners may not be aware of the location of these valves, and they may not regularly test them to ensure that they are in working condition. Due to these valves potentially being difficult to turn, homeowners may also find it useful to keep a wrench or other tool available to assist them with opening or closing these valves.

Failing To Protect The Pipes From Freezing Damage

Extremely low temperatures can be a major threat to the plumbing pipes that are in the exterior walls. These low temperatures can lead to the water in these pipes freezing, which could lead to them rupturing. Homes that have poor insulation in the walls can be especially likely to suffer frozen pipes as more of the cold will be able to seep into the space between the walls. By investing in having additional insulation installed in the exterior walls, a homeowner can enjoy the benefits of dramatically lower risks of frozen pipes as well as improvements to the overall energy efficiency in the house.

Allowing Hard Water To Go Unaddressed

Hard water and other quality issues are routine plumbing problems that can impact millions of homes. When a home has hard water, installing a water softening system can improve the quality, but this is an upgrade that people may not be prompt with making. As a result, large amounts of mineral deposits can start to collect in the plumbing which will restrict the flow of water through both supply lines and drains. Eventually, this could lead to clogs that will be extremely difficult to remove without hiring a professional plumber.

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