Want To Repair Your Sewer Line? 4 Advantages Of Choosing A Trenchless Option

Sewer lines transport wastewater away from your property through a network of pipes to the main sewer system. Sewer lines will operate consistently for a long period until they are subjected to conditions such as root invasion and age-related deterioration. Conventional wastewater drain line repairs involve expansive trench digging as well as repair costs of restoring the damaged landscape. Conversely, trenchless sewer repair involves a no-dig method by placing a line within the current or defective pipe. Below are the advantages of hiring a plumbing expert for a trenchless sewer repair.

Less Disruptive Than Standard Sewer Repair

Repairing a conduit that carries wastewater using a trenchless method involves digging a few small holes to get to the sewer line, implying that your landscape will sustain minimal damage from less digging. In addition, trenchless sewer repair does not disrupt plant growth associated with digging trenches. Therefore, you must contact a plumbing expert to perform a trenchless wastewater drain repair to preserve your landscape which can be costly and take much time to restore.


Trenchless wastewater drain line repair involves less labor since you only need a few holes to access the pipe's entry point. Moreover, it does not require structural modification, reducing clean-up and land restoration costs. With less labor force, the drainage line repair will take a shorter time to complete, reducing the amount of time the plumbers will take on a single project. Less workforce also means fewer labor costs, saving you money compared to conventional sewer repair, which is more costly due to extensive digging.

It Is Relatively Faster

Since trenchless sewer repairs are not labor-intensive due to less workload, they will take a shorter time to undertake. Even though the repairs depend on the scope of damage on the line, a plumbing specialist will ensure a timely resolution for a functional sewer line. Furthermore, the resulting problems are short-lived if the process takes less time.

Higher Quality Pipes

Plumbing repair specialists use seamless polyvinyl chloride pipes (PVC) and cured-in-liners as they perform the repairs. This is because PVC and liners can withstand not only corrosion but also rust when exposed to adverse weather conditions. In addition, the jointless pipes are vital in preventing root invasion and offset piping. Since the trenchless wastewater drain repair involves using durable pipes, you will require fewer plumbing services, improving the efficiency of your sewer system.

When a plumbing issue stems from your sewer lines, you must attend to it promptly before it causes structural damage to your home. Therefore, you should hire a trenchless sewer repair service for a convenient and accurate fix to the sewer problem. 

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