Reasons To Avoid DIY Water Heater Installation

Installing a water heater in your residence can be quite exciting. Your loved ones no longer have to fret about running out of hot water. Still, all that excitement shouldn't tempt you to do a DIY water heater installation. Here is why you shouldn't install a water heater on your own.

Choosing the Wrong Size

Picking the wrong-sized water heater is a common mistake DIYers make. They will just choose a water heater without factoring in their household's water usage. Buying a small water heater is a waste of money since it can't keep up with your high hot water demand. Alternatively, a large water heater can cost you a lot in terms of monthly energy bills. With all these possibilities, you should ask an expert to help you choose the right-sized water heater.

Failing to Set up the Pressure Relief Valve Correctly

Your water heater relies on a relief valve to release excess pressure from the tank. That said, you must install the relief valve correctly. Ensure that its placement allows the water heater to release excess pressure. Sadly, most people forget to set up the pressure relief valve correctly. This exposes your water heater tank to an explosion. If the pressure builds up in the water heater tank, it must force its way out. That's why water heaters explode. 

Luckily, you can prevent explosions by having a professional do the installation. These pros know how to set relief valves correctly. Therefore, you'll never need to fret about explosions.

Installing the Unit in the Wrong Location

Many folks will install their water heaters in weird locations just so they aren't visible. Many people care so much about aesthetics that they will install the water heater in an unapproved spot. This is a mistake people make unknowingly. So, if you don't know the local codes, you should leave the task to the experts. These gurus know the best location to mount the water heater.

Failing to Install a Drain Pan

Every water heater should have a drain pan underneath it. You need the drain pan to catch any water that drips from the water heater tank. The experts recommend using a drain pan that's wider than the base of the water heater. Also, ensure that the drain pan is waterproof and has no seams that might leak. Forgetting to install the drain pan means you'll be exposing your floors and house to water damage.

Contact a professional to learn more about water heater installation

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