Different Types Of Plumbing Companies

A properly operating plumbing system is vitally important to your home and business. It not only brings water into a building but also takes all the waste out. In addition, it keeps the clean water and waste products separated to prevent diseases from spreading.  While it is possible to do some plumbing work yourself if you are unsure of something or need to have permits and inspections on the work done, you should contact one of the plumbing companies that specialize in your situation.

Residential Plumbers

If you are having a house built or adding plumbing fixtures to an existing home, you should contact a residential plumber. These professionals will work with the architect and general contractor to design the system for you. They know how to ensure your system is safe and will operate with the different features you want in the house. Of course, they will obtain any necessary permits, keep everything to code, and make sure it all passes inspection.

Commercial Plumbers

Commercial plumbers are the ones who work on commercial plumbing systems. If you are renovating a commercial building they can do the plumbing to ensure your business can open. Quite often there are different requirements for businesses than what is required for a residence. In addition, if the business is located within a large office or retail building with other businesses the plumbers must consider how to tie into their systems too.

Service and Repair Plumbers

When you have an already established plumbing system and something goes wrong, a service and repair plumber is the one to contact. They come to your place, diagnose what the problem is, and then fix it. They may need to consult with the company that originally installed the system. These plumbing companies may have separate divisions for residential and commercial work so be sure to specify what type of building needs the work.

It is easy to think you can handle a simple plumbing problem on your own only to have it turn into something major. It is also possible to feel you can put in new plumbing or add to a system by reading up on all the codes only to have it fail the inspection. Professional plumbers can get the work done without creating more problems and it will pass all the code inspections. If there is a problem after they do the work, they will come back to fix it for you at no additional cost. This is why using plumbing companies is always the best idea.

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