2 Reasons To Call A 24-Hour Plumber When You Wake Up To Frozen Pipes In Your Home

After seeing that a deep freeze will hit your area, you may have done what you could to minimize the risk of having your pipes freeze, such as leaving on the faucets and keeping cabinet doors open to expose the pipes to heat. However, despite your efforts, you may have awoken to find you have no running water because your pipes are frozen solid.

While you could wait until the temperatures rise and thaw them out, you would be without water, and you may have more significant issues to deal with. Below are a couple of reasons why you should go ahead and call a plumber to help you with the frozen pipes in your home instead of waiting.

1. They Can Check for Damaged Areas While the Pipes Are Still Frozen to Reduce Leaks and Water Damage

One reason you should have a plumbing professional help you when your pipes are frozen solid is that they can check for damaged areas before they start to thaw. Since water expands when it freezes, the sudden increase in pressure may have already cracked a pipe or loosened a fitting.

If you simply wait until the pipes thaw without professional help and they are already damaged, you will have flooding and water damage to contend with. Having a plumber inspect the pipes beforehand can ensure that any problem areas they find are dealt with before these problems arise.

2. They Can Safely Thaw Your Home's Plumbing Lines to Reduce Excess Pressure That Leads to Bursting Pipes

Another reason why you should have a plumber assist you is that they have equipment available that can safely thaw your home's plumbing line. When done slowly and safely by a professional, they can reduce the excess pressure that can make the pipes burst.

With the use of ultraviolet heaters or thermal blankets, the professional can thaw out the lines while also keeping an eye on them. If any leaks are detected, they are there to do what is necessary to stop them and repair the affected pipes.

Instead of waiting to see if your home's frozen pipes will burst and leak after they thaw, have a professional come in and assess them for damage beforehand. Once they have made sure that there are no damaged pipes, they can go to work to safely thaw the pipes in a way that reduces the excess pressure that makes them burst. As soon as you wake up to frozen pipes, contact a 24-hour plumbing service in your area.

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