Accessory Appliances You Might Want Your HVAC Contractor To Install

People generally think of HVAC contractors as those who install heaters and air conditioners. This is, indeed, a significant portion of an HVAC contractor's work. However, HVAC contractors can and do also install other appliances that affect your home's temperature or moisture balance.

Here are a few accessory appliances you may want to consider having an HVAC contractor install in your home.


Humidifiers are devices that add moisture to the air. They are commonly installed in climates where the outdoor air tends to be dry during the winter. Dry air can lead to dry skin, dry and cracked wood decor, and static electricity. A whole-home humidifier can be integrated with your heating system. It will add moisture to the air after it is heated, but before it is sent through your ducts. If your home feels dry and staticky during the winter, talk to an HVAC contractor about your humidifier options.


A dehumidifier is the opposite of a humidifier. It pulls moisture out of the air. These appliances are most often used in the summer months, although in really humid climates, they can be used year-round. Signs your indoor air is too moist include swelling doorframes, persistent mold growth, and mildew odors. A dehumidifier can be integrated with your HVAC system so it pulls moisture out of the air as it cycles through. Most also integrate with your thermostat so you can adjust and monitor your home's relative humidity in the same way you adjust the temperature.

Air Purifiers

Do you have reason to assume the air in your home is not as clean as it could be? Perhaps you have wildfires in your area, and the air is always a little smoky. Or maybe you have pets, and you worry about their dander being circulated through your home. An air purifier will remove these and other contaminants from the air. There are portable ones that you can just set on the floor in your living space and plug in. But if you want a whole-home unit that treats the forced air as it circulates, you will need to have an HVAC contractor install it for you.

Does one of these appliances sound like something that can benefit your home? Contact an HVAC contractor to learn more. They can even assess the humidity and quality of your air, which can help them recommend the best accessory appliances to meet your needs.

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