It's The Season Of Change: 3 Features To Have Your Plumber Install This Summer

If you're like most people, you think of plumbers when you're dealing with a plumbing emergency. Plumbers are great at clearing clogs and fixing leaky faucets. But, plumbers provide so many more benefits than that. Plumbers can install plumbing features that can dramatically improve your life. Now that summer is here, it's a great time to have a plumber make some upgrades to your house. If you're not sure where to start, read the list below. Here are three things to have a plumber install in your home this summer. 

Tankless Water Heater 

If you still have a tank water heater, it's time for a change. Since their creation, tank water heaters have provided hot water to millions of households. But, tank water heaters don't always give you enough hot water for your household needs. That's where tankless water heaters become beneficial. Tankless water heaters give you hot water without the wait. That's why you should have a plumber install a tankless water heater. With a tankless water heater, everyone in the family can take a hot shower at the same time. And, you won't have a tank water heater to maintain. 

Water-Saving Toilets

When you have a family, you use a lot of water with each flush of the toilet. If you're still using standard toilets, you're wasting a lot of water. That's where new toilets come into the picture. Dual-flush toilets are an easy way to save money and water. Dual-flush toilets let you flush one button for urine-only use. For fecal matter, you can push the second button. The second button uses more water to ensure a steady flush for solid waste. A plumber can install those toilets for you. That way, you can save water with every flush. 

Gas Leak Detection

If you cook or heat your home with natural gas, it's time to protect your home and family against gas leaks. One way to do that is to have your plumber install a gas leak detection system. A natural gas leak can be devastating for your family. A gas leak detection system gives you an alert when there's a gas leak in your home. Make sure you have enough time to react. Have a plumber install a gas leak detection system. 

Make some changes to your plumbing this summer. Contact a plumbing service in your area, such as Plumb Doctor, to learn more about updating your home's plumbing. 

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