Need To Get Your Drains Cleaned? 3 Steps To Take For A Deep Clean

If your drains are getting a bit sluggish or you've noticed some foul odors, it's time to get them cleaned. If you've never had your drains cleaned before, you might think that's all you need to do. But, there's a process to getting your drains cleaned. This process will protect your drains from damage. It will also make sure your drains get as clean as they can be. Read the list below. Here are three steps you should include when you hire a plumber to clean the drains. 


When it comes to getting your drains cleaned, one of the first things to do is schedule an inspection. An inspection will let your plumber know if there's anything they need to worry about. For instance, sending an auger down a damaged drain could cause more damage. With an inspection, your plumber will know if they need to take care of repairs before they clean the drains. They'll also know if there's debris that needs to get removed before cleaning can happen. 


If your plumber finds roots during the inspection, that should get cleared away before your drains are cleaned. Root intrusion is one kind of debris that plumbers need to worry about. You might not know it, but roots can grow through the pipe joints into your drains. Roots can also grow through the tiny cracks in your drain pipes. Unfortunately, roots don't stop growing once they're inside the drains. Roots keep growing until they cause the pipes to burst. One way to stop the damage is to have your plumber clear out the roots before they clean the drains. That way, everything is loose and ready to get flushed out. 


Once the drains are inspected, and the roots are cleared out, your plumber can clean the drains. There are a couple of methods your plumber can use. They can use an auger or a high-pressure water nozzle. If your drains haven't been cleaned in a while, it's a good idea to use both methods. The auger loosens the debris inside the drains. Then, the high-pressure nozzle flushes the drains to get them as clean as possible. It's a good idea to get your drains cleaned at least once a year. That way, they're easier to keep clean. 

Don't let odors and clogs take over your house. Keep your drains clean and clear with annual maintenance. Use the tips provided here to get the most benefit from your drain cleaning appointment. For more information on drain cleaning, contact a company near you.

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